Your simulation patient MAURICE (version2)
and your virtual instructor RIK

Wait 20 seconds. The applet will be loaded.

If you use the button 'continue' you see visual output of some physiological variables of MAURICE (over 24 hours). The two most important variables are his cardiac output (CO) (blue) and his main arterial blood pressure (AP) (red). After some time (here 60 minutes) somethings is happens to MAURICE (acute). After that moment you have to do something, otherwise MAURICE will give some terrible feedbacks. You have about 300 (simulated) minutes time to play the rule of a good coming new doctor.

This simulation and instruction environment is realized with the JavaTHESIS-system, version 3.9x (1999) of Rik Min (designer), Jacob Sikken (first version) and Jan de Goeijen (latest versions).


Thanks to Mianda Hoving & Willeke Hoiting, students of our faculty, for there versions of the applets (class-files).

Rik Min, Enschede, june 6, 2000.