Here you find my work in the period 1982 - 2005 at the University of Twente
(freezed at 2012)

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  • 6 e-Books are complete and ready for use !
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    In the menu (left) you see 7 introductions on my work at the University of Twente.

    My new adress is: (2012)

  • There are now courses (with interactive products) seen - in English - for bachelors and masters students. They were used by students from all over the world (China, Taiwan, Lybia, Bulgaria, Canada, Ethiopia, Vietnam and the Netherlands).

    The javaTHESIS system, version 3.9x and 4.0x can be used by anyone. You can download the source-files from my web-sites or you can mail me.

    My last model-driven simulation for university research was an adaptive product: 'Tansistor' (2005).

    My last commercial multimedia product was 'Grootboek' and built in 2012.

    Enschede, 2012