Simulation of a sun heater

by: E. Hermsen, H. Boef, J. Sikken, B. Reimerink, J. Wetterling & R. Min
Enschede febr. 1998

The computer simulation program BOILER was developed by a graduate student at our faculty of Educational Science and Technology at the University of Twente. During the development there was cooperation with staff members of the 'Stichting voor de Leerplanontwikkeling' (Foundation for the development of curriculums) (SLO) Enschede of the project 'Alternatieve Energie' (alternative energy) in elementary vocational education. The computer program is available for Apple Macintosh, MS.DOS computers and here on Internet as an applet.

Press the button to start the simulation.

The computer simulation program BOILER enables students to become familiar with the characteristics of a solar boiler and to gain insight into the influences of different interventions in the model around the installation. The model simulates the working of a solar boiler installation consisting of a collector, a storage vessel, a heat exchanger with a pump which runs through the collector and storage vessel and a possibility for tapping. Intervention is possible in the model. For example, students can change the intensity of the sun-rays or the heat capacity of the collector. The students has two screen pages at their disposal. One page with a visualized representation of the underlying mathematical model of the solar boiler installation and a page graphically representing the temperature of the heated water.

The target group for the computer simulation program BOILER are students of elementary and secondary vocational education. The object is that the students increase their insight into the working of the installation and its characteristics while working with the program. That is why the students should already have some theoretical knowledge with regard to the solar boiler. So the program can best be used in e.g. a course in which theory is dealt with first. After that they are introduced to the characteristics of the installation through a real solar boiler installation. Finally the students can increase their insight into the working of the installation with the computer simulation program by experimenting with all sorts of interventions which are not possible with a real installation. Three cases have been developed in the computer simulation program BOILER with which the students can practice with the characteristics of the installation in special situations.

(Dutch version of Boiler).