Example of objects and properties

Here you see a lot of programmed objects: sweaters. All the sweaters have three properties. A sweater w'll be defined by 'dress'. (See the script.) There are four sweaters defined by dress and an unique name; here sweaterA, sweaterA, sweaterA and sweaterD. The three properties are textstrings (with ascii-karakters).


Form number 0 (with no name):

A: B: C: D:

Form number 1 (with the name A1):

A: B: C: D:


You see two kind of forms: a nameless FORM, defined by a number: form '0', and a FORM defined by a name: form 'A1'. An alternative notation is form '0' and form '1'.


Somewhere in the html-file you need the declaration statements of the sweaters, A, B, C and D by 'new dress'.

Enschede, 4 januari 2001. updated jan 28, 2003