The Java Development Kit


The Java Development Kit (JDKTM) lets you write applets and applications that conform to the Java Core API.

Download JavaCompiler

Proceed the following instructions for downloading:

Download Textpad

Very important: To be able to use it with TextPad, the Java SDK must be installed using its setup program. This writes information to the registry, which TextPad cannot work without. So, first install Java on your Hard Disk., and than TextPad.

Proceed the following instructions to download Textpad:

Customize Textpad after installation on your Hard Disk

Before you start the compiler command in TextPad to generate a class file you have to tell the compiler to generate a version 1.1 class file to solve any problems with some browser plugins. Add commands to compile (and run Java applications and applets) to TextPad's Tools menu as follows:

Modify the parameters of the Compile Java command:


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The following are links to documentation in this release and to our website about the JDK and Java.

The JDK Software Bundle

Start here. This gives a general introduction to the JDK, how to contact JavaSoft and other important notes of concern to developers.
Changes since previous releases.
Demonstration Applets
Simple examples that demonstrate Java.

The JDK Documentation Bundle

JDK Documentation (local)
If you have downloaded and installed the JDK documentation, you can access it locally from here.
JDK Documentation (JavaSoft website)
If you have not downloaded the JDK documentation, this takes you to our website for the same information.

The JavaSoft Website

JDK Download Page (JavaSoft website)
Visit this page to download the JDK software or documentation, or for other information related to the JDK, such as accessing the tutorial, the Java Runtime, the source code release, or other JDK-related technology.
JavaSoft Home Page (JavaSoft website)
This is the front door to all information from JavaSoft on Java.
Note: Before you use the JDK, please read the Copyright and License Information.

The JDK is a product of Sun Microsystems, Inc. JavaSoft is the operating company of Sun that develops the JDK.

Copyright © 1996, 1997 Sun Microsystems, Inc., 901 San Antonio Road, Palo Alto, CA 94303 USA. All rights reserved.