Higher order e-learning


Microworlds in e-learning environments

Keywords: learning, computers, web, learning environments, e-learning, microworlds, multimedia elements, dynamical components, discovery learning, and Methods & Techniques.

This e-book is a collection about the most important papers about working and/or learning with computers, writen by Rik Min or others, who work(ed) in his group.

In this eBook there are interactive (scientific) papers (ISP) with interactive runable examples about phenomenas as described in the text of the paper itself. I like to call this new kind of scientific papers: ISP's or i-papers (e.g. chapter 8.1 either 8.2, example / figure 9 either figure 5/6).

First e-book version: Enschede, 2004
(writing period: 1996 - 2004)