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Experiment with simulation programs

We have four different designed and lay-outed e-learing environment with one and the same simulation program, the applet 'Sunheater' or 'Boiler'.

All of the 5 sites have a problem. You have to solve that problem. That is always your task. Therefor there is help in the appearance of an instruction. Between the tasks and the problem there is a (small) difference in outcome; not in the task and not in the instruction. All the sites have the same kinds of instructions; even the texts are (mostly) equal.

The aim of these sites is to experiment and find the difference between peoples in

  • 1: doing (simple) tasks,
  • 2: solving (simple) problems and
  • 3: using of all our (experimental) different designs in all our different prototypes.

    Versions of one task
    version awith virtual parallelism in part I
    version bwith a viewport left and a viewport right in part II
    version cwith a parallel text window in part III
    version dwith a parallel simulator in part IV
    version ewith parallel instruction on paper (on distance) in part V

    Version a is an example of virtual parallelism; version b is a version with two viewports; version c has a parallel window with instruction; version d also has a parallel window with a simulator; and version e with a parallel instruction on paper (on distance).

    Enschede, 23 mei 2001; updated october, 10, 2002

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