Designing Dynamical Learning Environments for Simulation: Micro-Worlds & Applets on the World Wide Web

Rik Min
researcher / designer / problem solver

Faculty of Educational Science and Technology (EDTE), University of Twente (UT)
Postbus 217; 7500 AE Enschede, The Netherlands. E-mail: (Acone)


Gagné, Briggs en Wager (1987) have learn us that learning environments, and so multimedia products, have to have a lot of characteristics for succes. This are:


When the development of a simulation product is finished?

Book of R. Min, page 75.




Examples of simulations with parallel 'information' or 'instruction'

Transistor (version RM)
without a lot of information, pictures and schemes on one web-page.

Transistor (version MMOP)
with parallel instruction (explanation) about AC (alternating current; the input/output signal) and DC (direct current; the electric current) and 'amplifing' uo = A*ui

Boiler / Sun heater (version INF)
(runs only in Internet Explorer)
built with DreamWeaver and Flash.


Examples of exercises and/or cases:

Enschede, jan. 29, 2002