Accoording to the concept of building blocks:

Our JavaScript system for simulations

(an universal system for designing and producing model-driven simulations and animations for the world wide web)

Information, backgrounds and manual

By Rik Min (designer) and Jan de Goeijen (WebLib library)

Drie voorbeelden:

Figuur 1. Drie lopende grafieken

Figuur 2. Een rekenmodel met sliders

Figuur 3. Drie meebewegende histogrammen

article about building blocks(Dutch)
version 1.0 the JavaScript templete (with Enzym)
applications Enzyme as an animation (demo)
Cascade as an animation (demo)
downloaddemo's, applets or systems
models information

Please contact me if you want to see more or if you are interested in my platform-undepended systems, models or programs: the simulation programs (the applets) or our design system.

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