Prepared accoording to the concept of parallellism and the PI theory

The THESIS systems
of the
University of Twente

The JavaTHESIS system

(an universal system for designing and producing model-driven simulations for the world wide web)

Information, backgrounds and manual

By Rik Min (designer), Jan de Goeijen (libraries) and Jakob Sikken (pre prototypes)

articleabout the JavaTHESIS system
articleabout the JavaTHESIS project in Dutch
projectthe JavaTHESIS project in Dutch
the javaTHESIS system
(version 3.9x)
the manual (regular version)
the class-file (regular)
the java-file (template) (regular)
the html-file (template) (regular)
some different designswith this system
some different interfaces A with a simple interface
B with parallel instruction
C with two viewports
an exampleof an 'embedded' simulation
course about the JavaTHESIS system
downloaddemo's, applets or systems
models information
examplesof more JavaTHESIS products

Please contact me if you want to see more or if you are interested in my platform-undepended systems, models or programs: the simulation programs (the applets) or our design system: JavaTHESIS (version 3.9x).

We are always looking for mathematical models.
We send them back - in an applet - for your own web-page

(build with our javaTHESIS system...).


For students and PhD projects we can arrange some other prices.
See my web-site with additional information about my models.

If we develop your simulations (with your own mathematical model), the prices are between very low and Euro 5.000,= (or more). That depends on the model; the instructions, the lay-out, and so on.

Other systems
the JavaScriptTHESIS system (new)
the MacTHESIS system
the MacSimAuthor system
the THESIS family