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Technology for Training and Education:
Methods and Techniques;
(scripts in combination with building blocks)
= JavaScript, Java applets and multimedia elements =


New didactic concept for designing and developing web-media

Rik Min & Jan de Goeijen

In this course we start giving you introductions in object oriented programming, making plans for software solutions or software products, combining multimedial elements, use building blocks as applets, and learn to write scripts for most frequent occurrence software problems. In this course: a method is a tool, a system, a library, an editor or a programming language; here JavaScript, mostly in combination with Java applets from special home-made libraries. A technique is defined, in this course, as the way you solve the problem or your plan by programming that.

Introduction in our products
with and without building blocks; with complex or simple applets
Introduction in techniques (in Dutch)
presentation, acceptation and communication techniques
Working with building blocks (in Dutch)
tellertjes, meebewegende histogrammen, graphs, etc.
Our tele-course Simulation
designing building blocks; working with sjablones; working with our JavaTHESIS system and libraries

=== under construction ==
partly in English partly in Dutch

Object oriented techniques, Programming techniques, Output techniques, Input techniques & Communication techniques

Results and products of our students
with new or reused elements; with simple and complex applets
Other complex products of our group
with simulations and animations; with simple and/or complex applets from WebLib and/or SimLib
Other more simple products of our group
with JavaScript examples; with simple and/or complex applets from WebLib and/or SimLib
Other external courses
about JavaScript, Java, DHTML, etc.

The designers: Jan left, Rik right (photo: 1998).

Dr. ir. F.B.M. (Rik) Min, Educational Science & Technology (EDTE):
Ir. J. (Jan) de Goeijen, Dinkel instituut:

For more information about this tele-course:
Rik Min
University of Twente
PO.Box 217, 7500 AE Enschede, the Netherlands.
Room: L219; telephone: 053 - 489.3585
or 489.3611 (secr.) or 489.2637 (Jan de Goeijen).

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