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(the philosophy behind our research)

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The research of our group is based on a very long accumulation of experience, of me and many others at the University of Twente. Within the Faculty of 'Educational Science and Technology' (TO), one of the domain groups (the vakgroep 'instrumentation technology') (ISM) focuses on learning technology, multimedia and tele-learning and my group (most students) focuse ourselfs on simulation methodology and simulation technology.

Our research illustrates one of the directions in which such a focus can develop. A particular strength of our work is the rich use of examples and visualization in prototypes. We bring concepts into better clarity by illustrating their important aspects and interrelationships. Our methodology and our technology is situated into a highly specialized field within the broad terrain of computer related educational instrumentations and within the terrain of designing educational computer simulation environments.

All our prototypes as seen here are used in experiments. And all these
experiments have lead to the designing concepts and theories as descriped here.